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Adoption Lawyer Canon City

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Adoption can be a very complicated process. There are long-term ramifications which result from the orders entered in an adoption case, including the possible termination of parental rights. It is crucial that the orders entered in an adoption protect the minor child and the adopting parent or parents from any possible future attacks on the validity of the adoption. When proceeding with an adoption, you need to know that you are receiving the best legal counsel available and that all appropriate actions are being taken to protect your interests. When several individuals and agencies are involved, important details can slip through the cracks. Fredrickson Johnson Belveal & Terry, LLC, has years of experience in representing individuals, state social services agencies and private placement agencies in connection with adoption issues.  You can rest assured knowing that all the proper steps are taken in sending files and notices so that the adoption is correctly processed.


We work with:

  • Step-Parent Adoptions
  • Placement Adoptions through Adoption Agencies
  • Adoption through the Department of Human Services


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