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Our Legal Process

Consulting an Attorney


Many legal issues can be resolved without the need for a lawyer.  However, legal matters are often complex.  If you are uncertain of your legal rights and obligations and are in need of legal advice, you should consult an attorney who is familiar with your issues and who can give you the information and advice you need.  Consulting with an attorney can give you the confidence that you understand the issues and will  allow you to make decisions based on a full understanding of your rights and legal obligations.


Initial Consultations


We can provide Initial consultations with one of our attorneys for a  consultation fee of $100. When you call or submit our contact form through the website, we will schedule an appointment at your convenience. During the initial consultation, we will discuss your case in detail, give you our assessment of the legal problems and issues which are presented and suggest the legal options available to resolve the problems.  We will discuss in detail the potential expenses which you may incur in the resolution of your issues, including our attorney fees and other costs which may be necessary.


We are able to resolve some legal issues for a flat fee. If a flat fee arrangement is not appropriate, we will advise you of any required retainer and our hourly rates, which vary depending on the nature and complexity of your issue and the time involved. If it is necessary to require the payment of a retainer, it is our practice to bill against that retainer at the agreed hourly rate basis. While we are handling your case, we will keep you informed, on a monthly basis, of the work which we have done, the hours expended and all other expenses associated with the work.